About Us

The year 2014 marks the 18th anniversary of Friends of Community Schools. Since 1996, we have contributed over $0.5 Million to school- and community-based programs supporting nutrition, arts, and technology from fundraising, private donations, and grants. We have supported such programs as:

  • Camp G.T.A.,
  • Theatre Gargantua,
  • Triangle Program,
  • Scadding Court Community Centre,
  • Alexandra Park Community Centre,
  • Find Your Voice,
  • Umugenzi,
  • Contact Alternative School,
  • and many other worthwhile projects.

In 2003, Friends of Community Schools established the Triangle Program Scholarship for students who have benefited from the Triangle Program and wish to pursue post-secondary endeavours.

Mission, Beliefs and Values

We are committed to supporting the needs of children, youth, and families of community schools, so that all have equity of access to the resources and opportunities they need to become successful learners and productive citizens. We believe that:

  • Quality education is a fundamental right;
  • Neighbourhood schools are essential to a community’s development and growth;
  • Diversity enriches a school community;
  • All learning environments must be safe, nurturing, positive, and inclusive;
  • Students should never be limited in any way or treated unfairly because of their race/ethnicity, level of ability or disability, socio-economic status, creed/beliefs, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexual identity;
  • Community schools need to be encouraged and supported to offer a full range of opportunities for all students.

We value:

  • Public education;
  • Social justice;
  • Democratic citizenship;
  • Equity and equality;
  • Uniqueness and diversity;
  • Consensus building;
  • Respectful relationships;
  • Consultation and communication.

Goals and Mandate

It is our goal:

  • To address inequity of opportunity by promoting the health and well-being of disadvantaged children and youth who attend community schools;
  • To support nutrition, arts, and information technology resources and programming for students who attend community schools;
  • To support programming that promotes the health and well-being of families that are part of community schools, so that children of these families are physically, emotionally, and socially supported;
  • To support programming that encourages children and youth of community schools to become socially responsible and good citizens.

The core of Friends of Community Schools’ mandate is program delivery in the areas of nutrition, arts, and information technology. All of our activities focus on the delivery, support, or enabling of programming in these areas. We deliver programs directly, we support program delivery by providing resources to others in the forms of grants and seed money, and we enable program delivery by others by serving as trustee for groups lacking incorporation or charitable status.

Board of Directors

Chris Bolton, President and Chair
Terry Ross, Treasurer
Monique Lisi, Secretary
Raymond Zheng-Wu, Director
Hannah Liu, Director