Featured Program: Camp G.T.A.

G.T.A. stands for Growth, Transition, Achieve. A collaboration between the Toronto District School Board and Friends of Community Schools, the goal of the G.T.A. summer camps is to provide an affordable option for families who want to participate in quality summer programming. Camp G.T.A. is a place where young people can develop character and valuable life skills, all while having fun in a safe and positive environment that is meant to create lasting memories! It is currently the major program and focus of Friends of Community Schools.

Camp G.T.A. is open to all students and families who are looking for a great way to spend their summer in a relaxed, fun and positive environment. With activities including learning an international language, swimming, sports, creative arts, and leadership, our programs provide a fulfilling experience for everyone.

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Featured Program: Triangle

The Triangle Program is an alternative education program designed for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students who are at risk of dropping out or committing suicide because of homophobic and transphobic harassment in regular schools. It is also open to anyone who has been affected by homophobia or transphobia.

Operated by the Toronto District School Board at the campus of Oasis Alternative Secondary School, Triangle is the only program of its type in Canada. It was created as an organization in 1995, and launched its first classes in 1996.

The school day is divided into two halves. For the first half of the day students work on self-directed studies or smaller teacher-led classes. The afternoon is spent in a classroom setting, working on curriculum with a gay, lesbian and transgender focus. Units on LGBTQ history, healthy sexuality and equity and oppression allow gay, lesbian and transgender youth the opportunity to experience education geared to them.

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