The goal of G.T.A. Summer Camps is to provide an affordable option for families who want to participate in quality summer programming.

G.T.A. is an acronym that describes the goals of our camp:

G is for GROWTH: We provide a safe environment where young people can grow and build healthy relationships while being supervised and guided.

T is for TRANSITIONS: One school grade to the next. By creating positive experiences in a school setting, re-entry into school in September will be smoother for students.

A is for ACHIEVING success through growth and smooth transitions. In addition to this, student employees as well as the Leaders in Training are provided with valuable skills that can be used to obtain future employment and achieve goals, such as customer service and accountability.

Camp G.T.A. is a place where young people can develop character and valuable life skills, all while having fun in a safe and positive environment that is meant to create lasting memories! Campers will benefit from:

  • Lots of indoor and outdoor activities
  • Working as groups and building positive social skills
  • Making new friendships
  • And lots more!

We are open to all students and families who are looking for a great way to spend their summer in a relaxed, fun and positive environment! With activities including learning an international language, swimming, sports, creative arts, and leadership, our programs are sure to provide a fulfilling experience for everyone!

Over the past 6 years, the camp has grown to be a focal point of the community and is a trusted and reliable resource for parents, caregivers and children. Each year, the camp serves 200-300 children and youth including dozens of Leaders in Training in sports recreation, international languages, media arts and bike mechanics programming. Equally important, and a key factor in building community capacity for the future, are the employment opportunities the camp provides to youth from the community itself, and the creation of a cycle where former camp participants are now eligible for hire.

Right now, many children and youth lack access to the educational programs and services they need to develop and lead productive lives.

Help us spread the word.

No child or youth should be put at a disadvantage. With your help, we can provide high-quality programming for everyone.