Spadina West Children’s Services

A co-ordinated approach for all daycare services for latchkey children who need nutrition, recreation, and learning support in the inner city.

Association of Community Schools

An association of like-minded schools who partner with community agencies to ensure the well-being of their students.

Community School Grants

Grants to Toronto public schools to support community school initiatives.


Community Website Development

A sharing website within the Bathurst/Dundas community to support access to information and information technology.

Sewood Community Economic Development Project

Understanding that families are linked to children’s needs, support was given to a parent-based economic development program to support displaced workers in the development of a cottage industry.

Literacy Partnerships Program

Acted as a clearing house for charitable donations to support literacy projects for young readers and the acquisition of books that support first and second language acquisition.


For partner groups and agencies that cannot directly acquire funds under funding regulations binding publicly funded entities, we act as charity sponsor, trustee, and administrator to fundraise and disperse funds allocated for scholarships (e.g., Ruth Atkinson Hindmarsh Award) and other activities.

Right now, many children and youth lack access to the educational programs and services they need to develop and lead productive lives.

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