Here are some of the children and youth programs, past and present, that Friends of Community Schools has run or sponsored since its inception:

Camp G.T.A.

Affordable summer camp experience that gives inner-city children a fulfilling way to spend their summer while learning, growing, developing, staying active, and having lots of fun. A March Break camp was also offered in years when funding was sufficient.

Camp All Connected

Summer camp that was a precursor to Camp G.T.A., integrating literacy, numeracy, international languages, and recreation.

(Please be advised that Friends of Community Schools was not associated with, and did not endorse or support, any program that may have existed under the name “Camp All Connected” after 2010.)

Theatre Gargantua RISK Program

Mentorship program providing learning opportunities in drama, theatre, and video for at-risk youth from identified priority communities.

The Bully Project

Workshops in 12 schools on the topic of bullying, presented by storytellers from the Storytellers School of Toronto.

Passport to the World

March Break Camp combining international languages learning with daily activities.

Triangle Program

Transitional high school program providing a safe environment for LGBTQ students who have left mainstream schools because of discrimination.

Community School Nutrition Program

Programs providing subsidized lunches and snacks for inner-city children attending community schools.

Community Summer Program

All-day summer learning and recreation program for children in the Bathurst/Dundas area.

Community Summer Arts Program

Program for the arts offered to children in downtown Toronto.

Information Technology Program

Program to ensure equity of access to computers and information technology by inner-city children who do not have technology at home.

Scadding Court Community Centre

Funding for various worthwhile programs provided at Scadding Court Community Centre

Alexandra Park Community Centre

Funding for various worthwhile programs provided at Alexandra Park Community Centre

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